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2015 Ford Mustang Test Drive

By Karen M.

Mitch & I recently had the opportunity to test drive a 2015 Mustang GT with the Performance Package.

We both enjoyed the responsive steering and feel of the close range shifting. The one we drove was black with black leather & fully optioned. Pundmann Ford had this in stock.

Love the 50th dash badge. The seats were very comfortable. Also, the feel of the steering wheel & shifter was good (I know, sounds weird but we notice things like that in cars). If you haven’t been in a newer Mustang, the interior of the 2015 – quality, feel, gadgets & overall look - is amazing. We did notice a lot of wheel hop, not sure if totally from the cooler temps or the IRS (independent rear suspension).    

It was a super fun drive!!!! We can’t wait for more Ford and Mustang performance vehicles & testing those out too. If you get the chance, even if not in the market right now, you should take a test drive & see the innovative upgrades Ford has done to the Mustang.

Don’t forget SMMC members have X-Plan pricing and Pundmann Ford offers a lot of extras to our members for sales, service & parts.

This kit is one of the easiest visual upgrades you can get for your Mustang. Easy to install, less than 2 minutes to install all four caps. These Caps definitely "pop" when you open the hood. Thanks to Spectre Performance and the Show Me Mustang Club.

Thanks again!
Don W.